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DJ9KH is returning to Ascension Island from February 24th to March 11th for a more or less holiday-style-expedition.


This expedition will start in Cape Town, South Africa, on board the RMS St Helena. After a two days stop on St Helena where I hope to be qrv with a ZD7-callsign (Feb 19th to Feb. 21st ) we will arrive on Ascension Island Feb.24th.

Activity will then start as soon as possible with a special focus on 40 to 160m. After having a lot of fun with CW on my 2013 A35WH – expedition  CW will be the preferred mode.

We will take part in the ARRL DX SSB Contest March 1st  to 2nd .
The second week we will have a second operator : Axel DK9BDN will visite us and help us specially in CW .

DK1IP will be the pilot-station for me in Germany.


Werner, DJ9KH

Werner is an active radio amateur for more than 40 years. He loves constructing antennas, amplifiers and preamplifiers and participating in UHF-contests. Werner also enjoys going on expeditions and has been active as A35WH, ZK2KH, 5W1EK, F0JR, 3A0FW, C31DX, HB0XUW, EI5BF, OE8ZUK, 3D2DJ, ZK1JKH, DJ9KH/C6A, 3DA1KH, ZS/DJ9KH, V5/DJ9KH, CT3/DJ9KH, E51M.


Axel, DK9BDN

Axel is licensed since 1991 and is mostly active in CW on shortwave from 40m upwards.

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